Press Release

The Foxworth Theory Network Presents Live Streamed Interview with Rhea McCauley (Feb. 1st and 3rd)

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

For decades, Big Apple businesswoman EUGENIA FOXWORTH has brought fashion, art, quality real estate properties to many over the years in New York and many parts of the world, along with her leadership as the elected president of the International Real Estate Federation for the USA.

Ms. Foxworth discusses the previous mentioned topics and more on her twice weekly podcast series, THE FOXWORTH THEORY streamed live on its own network found on

On Tuesday, Feb. 1st and Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 9pm ET, Ms. Foxworth will engage in a two-part interview with RHEA MCCAULEYU, the niece of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who after her courageous stance against segregation in Montgomery, Alabama had relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 1957, two years after the historic bus boycott. Ms. McCauley has led the charge to have her aunt's house in Detroit be reconstructed for preservation's sake after years of abandonment. She partnered with a structure specialist and together had Ms. Parks' house sent to Germany, where it was rebuilt and sent back to the USA for display in Providence, Rhode Island. Ms. McCauley and her siblings are continuing to keep Ms. Parks' legacy alive while a new documentary on her life and leadership is in the works, executive produced by Soledad O'Brien.